The Price of Love

The Price of Love

When Cupid calls, he leaves a hefty bill.

We read a San Francisco Chronicle article this morning that stood out, mainly for the dollar signs. The piece profiles five matchmakers in the Bay area, all of whom make love connections the old-fashioned way. (No Internet introductions here.) But what you’re paying for, we suppose, is the quality customer service? The packages start at $2,000, but quickly sky-rocket.

Says the article:
“And there's one more factor to getting accepted: You must be able to afford the services with your disposable income. If you take out a mortgage to hire them, it's too much pressure. Packages start at $6,500 for a year of introductions to local clients. A fee of $25,000 buys membership to the dozen branches, and $45,000 a nationwide search. At $100,000, you work personally with a co-owner and get 40 percent of your money back if you're unsatisfied. And for $150,000, the co-owners will conduct an international search.”

Uh, if you’re taking out a mortgage for matchmaking services, you’ve got bigger problems than finding a date for Friday night.