One Women's Case Against Marriage

One Women's Case Against Marriage

You've heard most of the arguments but just not all together.

We had a best of the Dish 2007 about the decline of marriage in Britain and things aren't getting any better. Statistical evidence shows that fewer people (percentage-wise) are getting married than ever before. Sure, fewer divorces are taking place but A) there’s a smaller pool and B) the people that are getting married now are doing so less half-heartedly. But Americans are starting to follow those across-the-pond folk on this trend. But what gives?

One of our favorite actresses, Maria Bello, isn’t really into it. And we’ve checked out other ‘spinsters’ activity but we’ve rarely seen it put as succinctly and as unapologetically as Hannah Betts puts it, “Forced to unpack my antipathy, I would cite four po-faced motives: atheism; feminism; a loathing of state and/or public intervention in matters I deem private; and something more oddball regarding the close-down of narrative possibility.” We’ve always thought that concern about “the close-down of narrative possibility” was chiefly something that dudes worried about but whatever.

By her count, it looks like we’re all doomed for having even tried. It would be nice if one day someone could be genuinely optimistic without being ridiculed for his/ her perceived naiveté.

Maybe Christopher Hitchens is right and God is not great, but a few people probably deserve a shot. Thank you, Dr. Pangloss.

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