Caribbean Kiss


Oh, what a vacation! The best ever. If you have a chance to plan a big and special trip, look into chartering a Catamaran and sailing around the British Virgin Islands. It was heaven. A big (biggest) part of the vacation bliss was hanging with my terrific travel mates: three other couples (as well as the incredible couple Captain Gunner and Cook Megan – we wanted to bring them home!). We all got along famously – not an ounce of tension the whole trip. Unbelievable, really.

We spent 5 days on the boat. We were in our cabin only to clean up and sleep – which means we were constantly together while awake. This really gave me a chance to see how the others work. Happy to say that it only made me love these people more. But that’s not the (sappy) point here.

I’m here to talk about the Kiss. (My blog’s regular readers know that I’m a big fan of the kiss.) One day, while on the boat, my sister found a magazine ad showing a kissing couple that was hot hot hot. She showed it to me. Wow, we agreed, don’t we all want to be kissed like that? We stared and smiled at it for a bit.

Then I hopped up, sought out Steve and pulled him to me. I felt – no, I knew – a demonstration would do everyone a little good (well, mostly me, maybe). I gathered the others up and after a few whispers in Steve’s ear….we showed our companions that (hot) magazine kiss.

Instructionally, I stressed the importance of the man putting his hand on the woman’s cheek or behind her neck and Steve stressed the gazing into the other’s eye part (he’s really good at that). We both showed them how to slowly approach each other’s lips while gradually opening your mouth as you make contact. We’d point to the picture, then point to ourselves. (See? Like this!)

Kissing Aside: Yes! You too can have hot, hot, hot kisses. You can! And with your very own spouse! Today!

O.K. so everyone was laughing and there was some heckling. But all of them tried it out – some comically and some passionately. In fact, some came up with their own flourishes. One couple, the next day, came to the group with their own version of the kiss. They called it the Caribbean Kiss. It was perfect. It was hot. We agreed it was the best – all the elements were there. Oh, how much we laughed on this trip!

So what are the details, you ask? Indescribable – I can’t put it into words, sorry to tell you. You’ll have to use your imaginations and work with your partner to see if you can come up with your own version of the Caribbean Kiss. Have a blast trying. And remember to laugh.

This concludes another view from my married life.