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Ex-Girlf Of Wiki Founder eBays His Stuff

Ex-Girlf Of Wiki Founder eBays His Stuff

He broke up using Wikipedia so she sold his stuff on eBay, fitting really.

The founder of Wikipedia (and Chairman Emeritus of the Wikimedia Foundation) evidently broke up with his girlfriend by creating a post about it on Wikipedia. Sort of surreal, right? Way better than a FaceBook breakup. It would be even better if he had got names and dates wrong. Or if someone had Wiki-edited the thing and said that they were secretly married in a predawn Maori ceremony. At any rate, Jimbo Wales’ girlfriend Rachel Marsden was less than thrilled with this (for good reason). So she retaliated by selling the clothes he left behind on eBay. Not only did she sell a sweater and t-shirt on the do-it-yourself retailer, but she had some choice words about the cleanliness of these items. Fun times.

The tech gossip site,, had some other choice things to say about Wales including roundabout allegations of misappropriation of the foundations funds and having the current chairman Florence Devouard get his back, "I find (it) tiring to see how you are constantly trying to rewrite the past. Get a grip!"

We’re not sure if you could possibly end a blurb about Wikipedia better than with a quote about it being tiring constantly trying to rewrite history. Good times.

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