Mr. Mom Lives!

Mr. Mom Lives!

The pipe dream of men equally sharing household labor is slowly coming true.

Yes, you read that correctly. American men today are indeed taking a more active role in household chores, especially when both members of the house work full-time.

The report from the Council on Contemporary Families, a national network of familial experts and researchers, states: "Men share more family work if their female partners are employed more hours, earn more money, and have spent more years in education."

Not surprisingly, the report references a “general association between sharing housework and healthier marriages.” The more equal the division of labor, the less likely a couple is to divorce.

Provided, women still tackle a greater share of the work, but men have stepped up their involvement -- especially in duties like child care. Over the last 40 years, the amount of time fathers spend with their kids has tripled.

And yet another bonus of divvying domestic duties: The more a man participates around the house, the less stress a woman feels and the more energy she has for activities far more enjoyable than taking out the trash.