007 Has A License To Wed

007 Has A License To Wed

Daniel Craig is engaged to longtime girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell.

It looks like it’s wedding bells time for everyone’s favorite blond superspy. Daniel Craig proposed to girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell on the set of the latest Bond film, Quantum Of Solace. Sure the movie has a terrible name but so does the new Indiana Jones movie and the Star Wars prequels, maybe Hollywood has just stopped caring.

The two met on the set of The Jacket. Which was a lovely little film that involved a time-traveling army vet played by Adrien Brody. So, um, that’s where they met. They plan on tying the knot after production on QoS wraps. She’s sporting a nice Cartier ring and he’s got a huge grin. Pretty good deal all the way around. This is sort of the end of an era for Craig who’s been linked to Sienna Miller (no relation) and Kate Moss (also no relation) and is just now seeing his star rise the highest.

We hope that Craig is being ultra-careful about his wedding preparations. We just watched On His Majesty’s Secret Service and let’s just say that things don’t turn out well for women that marry James Bond. Maybe George Lazenby’s crummy acting was begging for comeuppance but they didn’t have to take it out on Bond’s wife.

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