White People Like Painful Breakups

White People Like Painful Breakups

A website explains how to benefit from white melancholy.

We bumped into a fantastic website yesterday about things that white people like. Included in this list are: Juno, gentrification, threatening to move to Canada, and Netflix (true, true, substitute Australia, and true). But the thing that white people like most applicable to this brand is difficult breakups.

The site goes into detail why heartbreak is such a rite of passage for Caucasians and advises non-Caucasians to take it very seriously. It mentions that the white creative process usually goes into overdrive during these trying times. This nugget is our favorite: “Implying that there things in the world more important to you than their breakup is considered one of the rudest actions possible.” It also suggests that you read their poetry and that this could be a crucial time to gain trust.

We’ll be the first to say this, but we guess we never realized how lame white people are. We thought it was funny when the comedian Zach Galifianakis asked if the show The Amazing Race was about white people but it was really just an observation about how great they think they are. Just an example but Word made us capitalize 'Caucasian.'

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