Grocery Cashier Gets Engaged Over PA

Grocery Cashier Gets Engaged Over PA

Woman uses store's PA to ask for guy's hand in marriage.

In Thurmaston, England there is a couple that has been dating for 7 weeks and are now engaged. The pair met on a blind date in January. The cashier, Janice Wesson, asked her coworker married coworker if her hubby had a brother and he did. So 49 wonderful days go by and then the cashier decides this would not be the one that got away. So when he stopped by to pick her up, the game was on. She asked her manager if it was OK to use the PA system for a non-store related announcement and he agreed. She then blurted out her proposal over the loudspeaker, grabbed some flowers, got down on one knee, and made a go of it. The dude, Anthony Needham, agreed; to the thunderous applause of customers and staff and everyone was crying their eyes out.

The dude is a heating engineer and was a little surprised. "I had no idea that Janice was planning to do what she did, and it came as a complete shock. At first, when the announcement was made, I couldn't make out what was said.” Don’t get us wrong, proposing takes a certain amount of guts. And proposing in front of a huge crowd takes a massive amount of guts. But we think that it’s almost the safe play now. How many people are going to say ‘no’ in public? And if they do say ‘no,’ it’s a pretty clear indicator that maybe you should rethink the whole thing. There should be rule, the more elaborate and staged an engagement is the greater chance that it will work out.

A few other observations: 1) It was fortunate that the regional manager wasn’t making a surprise visit. That was a gross misuse of the company’s PA system, what if there had been a spill in Aisle 7? 2) What is a heating engineer? Is it a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) repairman? If so, did she propose to Juno’s dad? She ought to know that that girl is a handful. 3) Would that guy have made it out of there alive if he had said ‘no’? And how awkward would the ride home be if he had? We’re guessing at least 50% more awkward than Jan and Michael’s ride home after he screwed up her sexual harassment suit. 4) We wonder if she got inspiration from that Australian guy that cut his proposal into a wheat field. 5) Seven weeks? Seriously? Good effort.

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