NZ Women Are The World’s Sluttiest

NZ Women Are The World’s Sluttiest

We’ve read this before, but it appears that women from New Zealand sleep with the most men. We’re not saying that these women are whores. Because whores charge money. According to a survey by Durex the average Kiwi woman has had 20 sexual partners. This more than doubles the ‘number’ of their neighbors to the north (Australia).

Why so many dudes? We have our theories. 1) Alcohol. They love it. And who’s to blame them? 2) Quality television. We’ve never seen TV program from NZ but we’ve been led to believe that there aren’t that many channels. So what’s a girl to do? 3) Flight Of The Conchords. Bret and Jemaine are about the coolest dudes alive. And by the power of transference we’re going to assume that they typify Kiwi dudes.

The good thing about this news is that no one in NZ has to argue about who’s a Carrie and who’s a Charlotte, the country is chocka with Samanthas. Women do that, right? Characterize themselves and friends based on the cast of Sex And The City. We’re just guessing, but we think we’re pretty sure we know where this year’s spring break hot spot is. The blokes want to get good and pissed and bonk until their popsicles fall off. Note: a fanny is a euphemism for a woman’s lady business and not her bottom.

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And enjoy the Flight Of The Conchords vid, if you're into it: