Guess Which Celebs Aren't Engaged

Guess Which Celebs Aren't Engaged

Winona Ryder and Jessica Simpson are not getting married any time soon.

Winona Ryder is dating Blake Sennett of Rilo Kiley. They are not engaged to be married according to her publicist. They met on the set of The Secret Lives Of Pippa Lee. And he does not look 31. He looks younger than Shia LeBouf. Also the name of his band is impossible to say out loud or remember. Band mate Jenny Lewis doesn’t think so. We wonder if PerezHilton even bothers to vet its information any more. Fact checking is pretty played out.

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Tony Romo is dating Jessica Simpson. We’ve been over this. Evidently, he struggles to win games when she’s in the stands. They are not engaged to be married… at this time. Maybe one day, when this all blows over, we can all get an apartment together. We can toss the old pigskin around, maybe braid each other’s hair.

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