In Touch With His Feminine Side


Could you date a guy that's "prettier" than you are?

From time to time, my friends will spot a gorgeous, model-looking man walking down the street and do a double take, shooting off commentary like "Ooh, yum! I'd like to spread that on cracker."

No, construction men aren't the only ones that make naughty comments at innocent passers-by. However, I always scoff at the Ken doll creature, since I'm not attracted to perfectly groomed, not-a-hair-out-of-place pretty boys. But that's just me.

The truth is, some men are all about being pretty - it's the metrosexual movement that's swept much of the nation. Jeans that accent his - ahem - assets, Swedish moisturizers and expensive pedicures? Not just for you anymore. While some women are repulsed by it, many are excited that their man is taking care of himself in the best way for her. What's your take?

Not sure where your object of affection falls? Ask him to take this quiz.


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