Sexual Revolution In China

happy chinese couple

And the consequences include inflating rates of STDs and abortions.

Evidently, young people in China have seen Girls Gone Wild and want in on the action. A generation ago, hold hands in public was taboo. And now, as the world becomes smaller and smaller, going to a bar to pick up a guy is de rigueur. And a number of hourly hotels are cashing in on the bonanza. The Chinese are nothing if not entrepreneurial. But all of this sexing has consequences.

Abortion rates are ballooning, as are STDs. Evidently, their standard for sexual education makes Abstinence-Only look like Dr. Joyce. We would think that the Chinese are draconian enough that they would add birth control to the water and require citizens to submit a petition when they want the antidote. It’s interesting to think that this generation will probably inherit the most powerful country in the world and they’re not versed in condom use. But the government is working to correct this. They're educating people about safe sex and banning salacious content from TV. We recently read that there is no truth to that sideways vajayjay rumor, so our old sex-ed textbooks would probably work for them.

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