I've Hit the Nickel


Frank and my five-year anniversary is coming up. This is the first anniversary we’ve celebrated, so to tell the truth we’re not entirely sure when it is. Or what we’re supposed to do. I guess it’s not rocket science, but still.

Before this, it felt a little goofy to celebrate. At first, we were both trying to be cool and nonchalant, so obviously neither of us was going to be all, “It’s our six week anniversary! Squee!” because that is what high school girls do. But the problem becomes: when do you start celebrating an anniversary? And when you do, how do you know when it is?

Do you count from the first date? The first time you met? The first time you did the deed? I sort of haphazardly counted from the first time Frank stayed over (which was none of those things, thank you very much) only because it happened to fall right before a friend was coming into town, and I remembered that the friend came the first weekend in March.

So it’s been more of a Thanksgiving/Easter/Labor Day movable date than an xmas/birthday numerical date. But anyway, all the niggling about when this anniversary thing even is just goes to reinforce my sense that it is a made up occasion that is kind of dorky to celebrate. Anyone who reads this little blog probably has a sense by now that I’m not exactly what you’d call a romantic, but I do love parties and going out to fancy restaurant and such-like.

I guess five years just seems like a respectable enough Big Round Number to start “officially” keeping track of it. (And yes, I realize round numbers generally have zeros at the end. I think of the multiples of five as round as well. The blog’s not called Audrey’s Accurate Math Korner for a reason.)

Anyway, so we both agreed that wow, five years is a long-ish time and we should perhaps get in the habit of celebrating our dating birthday. I mean at some point it just seems a little sad not to. In some ways, Frank and I have taken longer than many people to transition from two dudes who like each other and hang out constantly and even eventually live together to A Couple.

Some time over the last year or two, though, I think we’ve both stopped being weirded out by the idea that we are Partners who have a Future and Something at Stake. Maybe it was all the people we know getting married all of a sudden. I mean, when Frank and I first started dating, most of my friends were single guys who teased the crap out of me because ooh I liked a boy and would rather hang out at his house than go out bike riding with them or something.

They’ve all since found nice ladies and settled down/gotten married and now tease me because I don’t know how to do things like celebrate an anniversary. Sometimes Audreys can’t win, man.

But. So the point is that despite our shared constitutional biases against romantic stuff in general, we’ve managed to figure out when our five-year thing is to be observed (next Thursday) and what we’re going to do about it (dinner at an awesome restaurant that we can’t afford.)

It does still feel a little funny. I keep expecting people to laugh when I tell them why I’m going out to dinner, and they keep just saying “hey, congratulations” instead. I don’t know why I have so much trouble believing that other people easily accept us as Adults in a Serious Relationship. Maybe because hanging out with Frank is so much fun all the time. Aw. Who’s not romantic now?