The New Newlywed Game

The New Newlywed Game

ABC's new reality show puts newlyweds' communication skills to the test.

Husband: Don’t yell at me.
Wife: Ok, sorry.

This was the only (barely) heated exchange shown between the winning newlywed couple during last night’s premiere of Here Comes the Newlyweds on ABC. The context? They were completing the immunity challenge that would take them one step closer to winning a “nest egg” of more than $100,000. In this case, the challenge put blindfolded men behind the wheel of a van, and women in the passenger seat directing them around obstacles.

As with any reality TV show, the interaction between contestants – in this case, recently married couples – proves fascinating. HCTN is also informative. For the next five Sundays (the show is only six episodes long), tune in to see the diverse ways that the six remaining pairs interact. The couples include high school sweethearts, an arranged pairing, and two divorcees giving matrimony a fourth shot.

Unfortunately, last night’s winning couple chose to take $10,000 instead of immunity, thereby earning them the other couples’ votes to be kicked off the show.

Would you have taken immunity or the money?


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