Study: Link Between Spanking & Risky Sex


A professor from NH says that spanked kids have weird sex stuff going on.

A study by a professor (Murray Straus) of the University of New Hampshire drew a connection between being spanked as a child and being into masochistic, coercive, or unprotected sex.

Straus has been studying the connection between corporal punishment and sexual proclivities. His first study took place in the mid 90’s and said that children that remember being spanked were twice as likely to dig masochistic sex. His next study asked the question, “I was spanked or hit a lot before age 12,” the answers were strongly disagreed, disagreed, agreed or strongly agreed. And people were more likely to have coerced someone into sex the more that they agreed with that statement.

And there was some correlation between getting hit as a kid and not using condoms.

So, Straus is pretty much against corporal punishment, it appears. This is a pretty good way to go about convincing people to stop with the spanking. No one wants a kid that’s into weird sex stuff. Straus clearly has an agenda and that agenda is to use psychological punishment more frequently in the child-rearing process. Spare the rod and fool the child. And if you're looking to get into S&M (irrespective of your spanking background), check out our Beginner's Guide.

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