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27,000 Dresses

27,000 Dresses
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Brides-to-be on the hunt for the perfect wedding dress invade Filene's Basement.



Okay, maybe not 27,000 dresses, but a few thousand line the racks for the Running of the Brides, which began this morning in New York’s Union Square Filene’s Basement.

Hundreds of women poured into the store at 8:00 am, ripping every swatch of satin, silk, and tulle off the racks in a matter of 60 seconds. Then the real competition sets in: the bartering and finagling for the gowns you want—that happen to be in another bride’s grips. Women have been known to bring in signs displaying their size and preferred styles, colors, etc. Good luck, ladies!

Check out the details here.


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