Pregnant Women Working Later

Pregnant Women Working Later

Women are working later into pregnancy and coming back sooner.

A recent survey by the census bureau shows that pregnant women are working more than ever.
A couple of quick stats:
-67% of first-time mothers are working (compared to 44% 40 years ago)
-80% of working women work into the last month of their pregnancy (35% 40 years ago)
-58% return to work within 3 months (16.5% 40 years ago)

Supposedly, the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 was supposed to help this a little. So, what’s the moral? Is there one? Has our standard of living increase come at too high of a price? Are employers responsible for being more too flexible (or inflexible) with pregnant mothers and new moms? Is the spiraling out-of-control cost of health care forcing women to keep working for both cash and benefits? It’s a bummer that pregnant women and new mothers don’t have a stronger lobby. It would be pretty awesome to see ladies with big bellies hand envelopes full of cash to pols on the DL. We’re guessing that this keeps poking and prodding the question of women being able to have it all. Evidently, it’s possible for the elite to outsource the entire child raising process, so we won’t get much relief there.

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