Pam Anderson, Macca & The Art Of Celeb Divorce

Pam Anderson, Macca & The Art Of Celeb Divorce

They're each reaching the terminus of strange, unexpected marriages.

Two uninspired and slightly weird marriages are coming to an end at about the same time. Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills and Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon. Other than all of being human and some of them being famous these two cases really don't have anything to do with each other. Or do they?

Well, it’s off for Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon for a second time. She’s had enough of his gambling and sex tape makin’ ways. And he looks like he’s not 100% sure where he is. This has been a short and winding road for these two: they hooked up to pay-off a gambling debt, then they got (and denied getting) a marriage license, then they got married, then they negotiated a reality show deal, then they were on the skids, then they reconciled, then she was pregnant and seeking a divorce, and now she’s seeking an annulment on grounds of fraud. They squeezed a full relationship into about six months. Maybe Macca could learn something.

Paul McCartney’s relationship to Heather Mills is almost over. The judge is expected to come back with a judgment on the 17th of March (and St. Patrick’s Day is forever ruined for someone). Word on the street is that it will be less than what Mills is requesting. We guessed a while back that the judge threw out the documents and is going to split this thing down the middle.

Then we can all get back to unconditionally loving Macca and forgetting about the whole thing. Err, it appears everyone is already doing that. Hmm. We’re guessing that an annulment on his part is probably out of the question, given that they had a baby and all. “Your honor, I may have been a little wrecked that night but I swear she said that she had full use of all of her limbs. I’m gonna have to ask for an annulment.”

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