The Kate Hudson Confusion

The Kate Hudson Confusion

The gossip site rumors about Kate Hudson are too much to keep up with.

We’ve been hearing and reading some awfully confusing things about Kate Hudson lately. And we’re not sure that we like it too much.

1) Everyone and her uncle reported that Kate has been secretly dating Justin Timberlake. We find this highly dubious. The NY Post's Page Six hints that they’ve been an item for a whole year. Dubious indeed-y.

2) She’s back with Owen Wilson. As much as we would LOVE this one to be true, it is probably just a bunch of hokum. The Daily Mail mentioned that the two were friendly at the Oscars and hung out at his place the next day. Believable, but has the romance really been ‘rekindled’?

3) She scoots around the house nakey. This comes from gossip site Chatter Shmatter and includes a semi-relevant quote from her. We’re guessing that this one is accurate. All attractive women walk around naked; that is a teenage boy fact-asy, brah.

4) She’s pregnant. No one is coming out and saying, “Yeah, this broad’s got a baby in ‘er belly.” But the speculation is that she’s sporting a little bump. And as this thing spins in a tight decaying binary orbit with rumor #1, you can guess what the next allegation is. Yep, a Timber-baby.

In summary, our take: #1 – false or mostly false, #2 – dammit, it's false, that ship’s sailed, #3 – true, without question, and 4 – we’re thinking false, but you never know, people have an eye for these baby bumps.