Tween Pop Star Says Online Dating Was A Joke

Tween Pop Star Says Online Dating Was A Joke

Or posting his profile was a joke. The site is professional.

Pop sensation Jesse McCartney claims that he made a JDate profile as a joke. He was chatting up with some friends and decided it would be quite a lark to put his real profile up there, just to blow people's minds. He's newly single and ready to mingle. Wow. We are getting old. We had no idea who Drake Bell was until it was revealed that he wasn’t dating Britney Spears. Goodly. And now we know who Jesse McCartney is because he is not ‘really’ using JDate. Outside of not using online dating, we know that he is not dating David Cassidy’s daughter, Katie. And we’re reasonably sure that he’s not the son of Paul McCartney or Stella McCartney. And we found out that got a Day Time Emmy nod for All My Children and played himself on The Simpsons. Nice. We’re not going to rush out and buy his album, but we got much love for anyone that’s played himself on The Simpsons. On the online dating scene, a little piece of advice. Everyone sets up a profile as a goof. And then they come home a little drunk and get curious. The next thing they know it’s been 8 months and 20 first dates later and they have no idea what happened. Yep, by our reckoning 70% of online dating profiles get set up as a spoof, a prank, or for anonymous sex. And strangely, we believe McCartney’s explanation. If he needs a date he’s supposed to go to his agent or PR rep. Read more about Jesse McCartney at the SFGate