Gay Groups Want More Action From Gay Soap Couple

Gay Groups Want More Action From Gay Soap Couple

They think Noah and Luke should get to kiss and stuff more.

As The World Turns is under assault from some fans and gay advocates for not being gay enough. Two popular characters, Noah and Luke (collectively dubbed as ‘Nuke’) have been dating for a while and have not gotten to first base. And some fans can’t take the seething, non-physical sexual tension. The straw that broke the camel’s back was a Valentine’s Day episode that culminated in passionate smooching for everyone but, ugh, Nuke.

A media campaign was started by irritated fans and partially seconded by GLAAD. They’re trying to push CBS and sponsor Procter & Gamble into action. And, of course, there is a flip side to this. A ‘family’ group is upset that there is a ‘pro-homosexual’ agenda being promoted and they list P&G as the top sponsor of gay content on network TV.

So that’s it, fans of soap operas are either conservative housewives or gay men. Sure some college students probably watch it or Tivo it, but CBS knows its core. We’re not terribly familiar with the actors that play Noah and Luke, Jake Silbermann and Van Hansis, respectively, but is it possible that they’re not into getting too physical. Or the writers don’t want to just give it away. These two kissed back in 2007 and it almost exploded YouTube with hits.

A P&G spokeswoman says that they have not asked CBS to go one way or the other with the plot. We’re guessing that CBS thought they were doing a good job of walking a tight line, sort of bugging people but not alienating anyone. The last thing they want is another picketing after the writer’s strike ended: “We’re present, our sexual orientation is atypical, become accustomed to these facts.”

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