The Closing Time Effect

The Closing Time Effect

Stick it out until the bar turns up the lights, and you’re sure to score.

We know, not that crazy a theory: You suddenly decide Marvin over in the corner is not so hideous come 2 am. But what’s behind it is kinda fascinating. In fact, it’s been studied and has birthed the term the “closing time effect.” Researchers surveyed bar patrons at various points throughout the evening and noted that respondents found others more attractive as the night progressed. No, it’s not a case of beer goggles.

Says the article:
“Well, the obvious reason might be alcohol; however, subsequent research of this phenomenon took alcohol into account and found that it did not explain this effect. Another idea was simple economics. As a commodity becomes scarce, it becomes more valuable. Thus, early in the evening one can be more discriminating because there is ample time to choose a partner. As the time in which to acquire the commodity runs out, the desire for the commodity increases.”

What do you think? Have you nabbed any late-night lookers? Tell us below.


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