Roadside Signs Used To Win Wife Back

Roadside Signs Used To Win Wife Back

He's put up apologetic and affectionate signs along her route to work.

An Australian fellow recently split with his wife of 15 years. And is miserable. This isn’t too surprising. A study suggests that men are twice as likely to experience depression after divorce. So instead of drinking himself into a stupor or rather in addition to drinking himself into a stupor, this enterprising chap decided to get revenge. The sweetest revenge, in his opinion, was reconciliation.

This guy’s plan was multipronged: first, construct roadside banners declaring his love and probably his culpability. Second, publish a poem in the local paper. Third, wait for her to take you back. The plan is almost foolproof. But it may be a little too Hollywood, which is sometimes a problem in real life. Although, the paper did quote his wife as saying reconciliation was a possibility.

He’s pretty much in the catbird seat now, he either wins back his family and lives the Australian dream (which has to be similar to the American dream, it has to be) or he’s got the sympathy of ever woman in the tri-state area. Excellent plan. Let that be a lesson to all of you. A little bit of humiliation can go a long way. Like that episode of Dharma And Greg that Greg sat naked in Dharma’s yard to win her back. Not that we’ve ever seen Dharma And Greg, it just was the first thing that came up when we searched ‘awesome embarrassing sitcom reconciliations.’ We’re sure it’s changed now, so you probably shouldn’t even look.

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