Jimmy Kimmel Is F*cking BenAffleck

Jimmy Kimmel Is F*cking BenAffleck

No one likes to get punked on TV. It always means war.

Ugh. Jimmy Kimmel’s always seemed like the sort of guy that needs the last word. At any rate, you may have remember a few weeks ago that Jimmy Kimmel’s girlfriend, Sarah Silverman, put together a saucy little video for his birthday party with Matt Damon. Evidently, that meant war. So Jimmy got the world’s biggest star (of 2004) to help with his revenge. We don’t mean to spoil it, but amazing work on Kimmel and BenAffleck’s parts to get such a great cast. Some of those dudes are natural fits like Brad Pitt but other ones must have taken some cajoling. Kudos for the McLovin inclusion. The only way that this could get more escalated is if they got Obama, McCain, or Clinton or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Check it: