Gardasil… For The Boys?

Gardasil… For The Boys?

The FDA is currently testing the anti-Genital Warts drug for the guys.

Gardasil is the newish vaccine for HPV (Human Papillomavirus/ Genital Warts). There was some semblance of a fracas last year about some regions requiring pubescent girls to get the shot because HPV can cause cervical cancer (and possibly throat cancer, it’s that kind of party). The concerns were twofold: 1) Some folks were a little uneasy about protecting kids against STDs when abstinence should suffice. 2) A few people in the medical community were a little uneasy with the long-term effects the vaccine.

But what about those little shavers out there? Chances are if a girl catches the HPV it’s going to be from a boy (unless she attends one of several prominent northeastern universities, you know which ones). So what to do about it? Evidently, Merck is pretty sure that they’ve shot themselves in the foot by immediately chopping their target audience in half. So, they’re pushing Gardasil for the boys. It’s already approved for male use in Australia, Mexico, and some places in the EU. So, what’s in it for the lad? Uh, A) Doing their part to stem the tide of cervical cancer would be nice: and B) How about not having to worry about the most prevalent VD, genital warts? Sure the infection will probably mutate and the immunization only is said to work for five years.

So there it is. We’re guessing the marketing could be a pain, so they need a name change Gardasil doesn’t do it for dudes. We’re thinking Mangard or Armoralis. Also, they could play up the benefit a little. Maybe a guy could use it as a pickup line, “It’s okay, sweetheart, I got the shot.” And she grabs his hand and starts running for the door as he winks at the camera. They could get the kids from the Mentos commercial for it. Evidently, this is big business now. GlaxoSmithKline is developing their version of the drug.

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