The Runaway Costs Of Mexican Weddings

The Runaway Costs Of Mexican Weddings

A Mexico City politico wants to punish runaway brides and grooms.

Weddings in Mexico are expensive. In addition to the cost of all of those Mexican Wedding Cookies and Mexican Wedding Cakes (but not Mexican Wedding Cookie Cakes, that would be silly), they invite a lot of guests. It’s not unusual to see 500 – 1,000 people at one of these shindigs. They go late into the night and are quite boisterous. The gunfire is blown out of proportion, at least in comparison to weddings in Afghanistan and Appalachia.

So, these things are pricey. And being a largely Catholic country, the bride’s side usually picks up most of the bill. But what happens when the groom gets cold feet? A very awkward and formal party is what happens. Jose Antonio Zepeda has had enough. The Mexico City politician is proposing a law that requires the family of the person that ducks out to pay for it. Sounds simple. The hope is that this will somehow cut down on divorces, which have risen from 1 out of 10 marriages in the 70’s to 3 out of 10 nowadays. The law only applies to heterosexual couples even though gay marriage was legalized in 2006.

1) Mexico has gay marriage? America’s hat (Canada) and beard (Mexico) have gay marriage? Is this the real concern about our borders? 2) We imagine that this is not going to be an easy thing to enforce. We envision scenarios involving one party or the other misbehaving to the point that someone has to drop out or die. The lawyers can make unreasonable demands in the prenup negotiations. This could very easily be the set-up for a sequel to No Country For Old Men.

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