New Product Can Read Cell Phone SIM Cards

New Product Can Read Cell Phone SIM Cards

It looks like honesty is still the best policy.

A company in New York called Brickhouse Security is selling a device that will allow individuals to scan the SIM card of someone’s cell phone. Quickly, a SIM card is the removable memory chip which allows a phone to function (not all phones have them only ones using the GSM system). It stores phone books, personal data, and… text messages.

The system allows people to download, store, and edit text messages from this SIM card. Even supposedly deleted can be recovered. While Brickhouse contends that the product is just as much for backing up your own data as it is busting a loved one. Though president Todd Morris said, “About half of spouses find something bad on their partner’s phone.” Also being promoted on the Cell Phone Spy Data Extractor page are a marijuana test kit and a semen detection kit. Though, it appears that there is a Spy vs. Spy element to this company. The White Spy comes up with stuff like Nanny Cams and the Black Spy comes up with hidden camera detectors. We’re guessing that the Black Division is hard at work coming up with a counter for the Cell Phone Spy Data Extractor.

So, it appears these days it’s easier than ever to find someone to cheat with and it’s also easier than ever to get caught. 143.

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