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Matchmaking Madness

Two sites that do the dating dirty work for you, in surprising ways.

A recent Northwestern University study revealed that what men and women say they want in a partner and what ultimately attracts them are two very different things. In other words: We’re bad matchmakers for ourselves, so why not leave it to someone else? Cue two online dating sites doing just that.

If you care less about a man’s eye color and more about his love of Broadway shows or dogs, has just the single for you. Like other speed dating events, FastLifers meet each other in eight-minute cycles. The hitch? FastLife events are themed to ensure that participants meet others with specific traits, be that exercise freak, single parent or proud owner of a post-grad degree., a new service currently operating in the Northeast, all but ignores clients’ self-reported tastes and--working only with a cotton swab and a brief personality test--makes the match based on the compatibility of one’s DNA. The theory is: why waste your time with a fellow opera devotee if his chemical make-up ultimately clashes with your own?


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