County Doesn’t Feel Canadian Gay Marriage

County Doesn’t Feel Canadian Gay Marriage

According to the National Post, Monroe County in New York is appealing a recent ruling that gay marriages sanctified in Canada count in the US. The argument is that New Yorkers shouldn’t have their laws dictated to them by Canadians. The Coalition to Save Marriage in New York feels that the courts bypassed democratic process by declaring something to be so.

New York’s law states that a marriage is defined as between one man and one woman. And we’re guessing that conservatives have two arguments: 1) Americans shouldn’t be able to go somewhere that has laws to their liking and apply those laws when they get home. It’s like no one would try to argue that they can keep using medical marijuana that they got in California in Arkansas and those places are still in the US. 2) Each place has the right to set their community standards provided that it fits within the framework of the constitution of the country and the state. Polygamists from the Middle East aren’t allowed to continue that practice when they emigrate.

As the cases of gay divorce in Rhode Island and Oklahoma prove, applying law from one area to another is tricky. We thought that state-by-state referendums on gay marriages would be a good solution but they don’t deal with people moving to a different area. So, back to the drawing board it is. The Canadians do have a few good ideas, for instance the beer up there is like moonshine.

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