Padma Lakshmi Moves To Next Billionaire

Padma Lakshmi Moves To Next Billionaire

Padma Lakshmi has an eye for powerful, established men.

All we know is that we’re glad that Padma doesn’t have a clever, mockable catchphrase. Unless you consider, “Pack up your knives and leave,” pithy. Because if she had one of those, “don’t call us…,” or “you’re fired” lines, it would be much easier to rag on her serial dating. But the Top Chef’s top hostess doesn’t. She gets by on good looks and an even keel demeanor. Both of which are also difficult to mock. Sorry to digress, Lakshmi’s best known relationship is the one that she ended with the oft fatwa-ed Salman Rushdie. That humdinger came to a close in the summer of 2007 (as did many good things).

The Indian beauty was then on to billionaire Ted Forstmann. You may remember Forstmann as being a giant in the private equity business (also as the CEO of the talent/ marketing agency IMG). Things did not last with Forstmann and Lakshmi. So she was spotted at the South Beach Wine + Food Fest. And, dude, you’re getting a Dell. Catchphrase! She was in the company of one Adam Dell. You may remember Adam Dell as the brother of Dell Computers’ Michael Dell. Adam D is pretty darn accomplished in his own right. He’s a venture capitalist, tech expert, and sometimes teacher at Columbia Business School. And, possibly, star, uh, lover. This is probably a better fit for Lakshmi. Not only is this guy rich, but he’s a bit younger than Rushdie and Forstmann.

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