It's In His Kiss

It's In His Kiss

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It’s Monday A.M. You’re easing back into the week. We’ll keep this Love Buzz simple—but interesting. (No heady research or interpretive data this early in the morning!) A few smooch facts we stumbled upon at eHarmony.com:

  • Men and women reported having kissed a similar number of people in their lives; 14 was the average number for both men and women?.
  • About 50% of men would have sex without kissing their partner first; only 10% of women would do so.
  • Men want to kiss someone based on their perception of facial attraction, women focus more on a man’s teeth in deciding if they would like to kiss him.
  • Kissing seems to be more important before sex and much less so after.
  • Overall, kissing is more important for women than for men in having a satisfying sexual experience.
  • Overall men prefer wetter kisses with more tongue than do women.
  • Both sexes preferred more tongue with long-term partners.
  • Men are more than twice as likely to have sex with a bad kisser than are women.
  • 59% of men and 66% of women have been put off by a potential partner’s kiss at some point in their romantic lives.

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