Man’s Tirade Cures Wife Of Coma

Man’s Tirade Cures Wife Of Coma

An Englishwoman's husband brought her back from the brink by ripping on her.

A woman in Somerset, England fell into a coma due to blood poisoning and pregnancy complications. Her faithful husband kept vigil at her bedside despite losing their child due to the complications. After two weeks, the doctors began discussing removing her from life-support, which was doing 100% of her breathing.

The husband, who we’ll call ‘Dom’ because it’s his name, became despondent and reached into his bag of tricks for the one thing that the doctors hadn’t tried: verbal abuse; "When the doctors told me to think about turning the life support off, I got angry. I grabbed her hand and began shouting at her 'start fighting, don't you dare give up on me'. I gave her a bloody good rollicking.” Within two hours of the berating she had regained 5% of her breathing capacity. She says that she actually remembers hearing the chiding from her husband and within five days was off the ventilator and lucid. With his help she is regaining full use of her faculties.

Heart-warming, idn’t it? We wonder if this gives the Dom-inator free reign to tell her off for her own good. “Hon, do you mind GETTING OFF YOUR FAT ASS AND FINISHING OUR TAXES!”

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