Bad Online Guide To Telling If He's A Gay

Bad Online Guide To Telling If He's A Gay

A completely unhelpful and inaccurate guide to seeing if someone is a gay.

Some observant person (observant like notices what’s going on not observant in a religious way) decided that women could use a little help picking out the gay guys from the metrosexual ones. This person decided to use the wiki platform to help us out.

His/ her advice in a nutshell (help, get me out of this nutshell):

1: Get to know him; he can’t hide in the closet forever.
2: Eye contact. Observe his eyes in conversations with men and women; compare.
3: Does he hook up with guys? Pretty good indicator that one.

So, this helpful guide should provide you with all of your gaydar needs. Do people even say ‘gaydar’ anymore? And can’t a guy get drunk and hook up with a guy friend without being labeled as ‘gay’? No?

This is what we get from the democratization of media, expert opinion by idiots. I just don’t want to read that Ernest Hemmingway wrote War And Peace.

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