NASCAR* Does Dating

NASCAR* Does Dating

Okay, not NASCAR, but someone wants you to date at the track.

We suppose that it was only matter of time before the auto racing juggernaut attempted this, but race fans are the newest dating niche. This is probably not a move that will appease die-hard fans that claim the sport is getting away from its roots, but maybe NASCAR’s stockcar-isma is no longer exclusively the die-hards' domain.

According to their numbers, 75 million people watch racing on TV. And some of the tracks that boast seating for hundreds of thousands of people. So matches users up by those that live near certain tracks or are interested in visiting those tracks. They’re offering a special introductory rate of $30 for the year. We haven’t checked it out yet but we hope that there’s some way to click through people based on their favorite driver. The last thing anyone needs is to match a Kurt Busch fan with a Tony Stewart fan. That is a recipe for fisticuffs.

Maybe it’s the motor oil in our veins or possibly the V8s beating our chests, but we think this is a pretty decent idea. For those of you that haven’t been to a NASCAR race, it’s a good time. It’s like spring break meets the Kentucky but with sleeveless shirts and non-ironic mesh hats. If you like beer and loud, this may be the place for you to meet the future Mr. or Mrs. Racefan.

Racing has started getting a bit of synergy lately: check out the relationship between NASCAR and Harlequin romance novels.

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