Oscar Lovin'

Oscar Lovin'

What we learned about love from Oscar-nominated films.

This year’s Oscar-nominated films are ripe with romance. In anticipation for Sunday’s big show, let’s review relationship advice gleaned from a few of the contenders:

1. Don’t let your husband steal drug money. Of course without this event, there’d be no Best Picture-nominated No Country for Old Men. Still, I certainly wouldn’t want Best Supporting Actor nominee Javier Bardem’s creepy character, Chigurh, trailing me or my kin.

2. Speak your mind. This one’s thank to Juno and the unfiltered honesty that flows from the title character’s adolescent tongue (played by Best Actress nominee Ellen Page). What better way to fend off an older, married man’s advances than to insult his Sonic Youth obsession?

3. Love ain't easy. Like Away From Her's spanning Canadian landscape scenes, Gordon Pinsent’s character shows us that love has no boundaries, even when Alzheimer’s turns his wife of 40 years--played by Best Actress Nominee Julie Christie--into a stranger.

4. Heartache happens to the best of us. Cate Blanchett’s Best Actress-Nominated turn as Queen Elizabeth I shows the ruler juggling a broken heart and plotting enemies with equal amounts of composure in Elizabeth: The Golden Age.

What relationship insight did you gather from movies in 2007?


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