Researcher: Not All Women Have A G-Spot

Researcher: Not All Women Have A G-Spot

This is sure to rile some people up but could really explain a lot.


We’re pretty sure that this is going to really bother every sexpert on Earth, but an Italian researcher has deemed that not all women have a G-Spot and thus not all women can have a vaginal orgasm (which we will now call vorgasms). …Ok, stop yelling. We’re wondering how this has gone unnoticed for so long (it accurate). The guy responsible for naming the G-Spot, Dr. Gräfenberg, ‘found’ this magical zone back in 1981. You would think that all research about it would have been exhausted by now.

OK, Emmanuele Jannini (we’re betting women can climax just from hearing his name) did an ultrasound on the pelvic area of 9 women that can vorgams and 11 that cannot. He discovered that sensitivity depended on the thickness of the tissue there. Which almost gives credence the G-Shot actually working. Before you dismiss this guy as kook that just likes checking out hoo-ha’s, he discovered the biological compound PDE5. It’s concentrated around where the G-Spot is alleged to be and it aids in maintaining the male erection. So, he’s a pretty big deal.

We’re just going to sit back and wait for the rest of the sex research community to punch this research to pieces… we’re waiting. This could explain why some researchers say that 80% of women can't orgasm through intercourse alone.

On a side note, a weightlifter mentioned yesterday that competitive bodybuilders sometimes use an oily substance called Synthol to appear bigger and that this could be the mysterious ‘filler’ in the G-Shot.

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