NY Times: McCain Cozy With Lady Lobbyist In 2000

NY Times: McCain Cozy With Lady Lobbyist In 2000

Everyone denies everything and interesting timing on this.

Eesh. Life in the spotlight is not easy. The New York Times is reporting that back in 2000 John McCain became friendly with a female lobbyist during the run-up to the 2000 election. Evidently, his staff intervened to end this relationship before anything untoward happened. The lobbyist, Vicki Iseman, represented telecommunications firms and met with McCain several times. Both parties categorically deny any shenanigans took place.

McCain’s campaign questions the timing of the piece. The rest of the piece goes on to mention other lapses and near-lapses in ethics on McCain’s part. But it appears that the rest of the piece is just a bit of piling on.

Oh, well. We’ll probably be seeing all sorts of stuff like this after the nominees settle out. We’re guessing that the guys at Fox probably have something marginal in their back pockets about Sens. Obama and Clinton. At least, the candidates can sit back and let their media proxies sling muck for them. Good times.

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