Is Jen In Another On-Set Romance?

Is Jen In Another On-Set Romance?

She may have something brewing off-screen with Aaron Eckhart.

Marie Claire is wondering if Jennifer Aniston is dating her latest co-star Aaron Eckhart. And if something is good enough for MC to wonder about then we’re not too good to wonder about it too. The two are headlining the film Traveling and speculation is running wild for a few main reasons: 1) Aniston has a penchant for romancing her co-stars (though we’re surprised Vince Vaughn doesn’t catch more attention); 2) Eckhart is good-looking and seems cool (someone’s little sister must have written that one); 3) Eckhart recently broke up with girlfriend Ashley Wick; 4) Eckhart reportedly requested Aniston to co-star (we-he-hell); 5) They enjoy each other’s company (delightful!); and 6) An unnamed (and thus unsubstantiated) insider says: “Jen's entire reason for doing this movie was Aaron.”

We were expecting to feel like Ace Ventura after he summed up the entire Ray Finkel/ Snowflake The Dolphin/ Dan Marino situation in one breath. But sadly, we feel nothing. Maybe it was because Lindsay Lohan’s breasts crashed New York Magazine’s website. Or maybe it’s because celebrity’s tastes are fickle and, like war, they usually just lead into the next one with no clear-cut resolution. Or maybe one of our favorite theaters in New York closed without an explanation; sure the same company operates a better theater less than a block away but you know.