Is The G-Shot For You?

Is The G-Shot For You?

A newish technique is supposedly making sex more pleasurable. Is it safe?

Ggggg G-shot. Are you familiar with the G-spot? If you’re not, you should probably get a life. How about the G-Shot? A little less familiar. And how about the G-Shot party? Totally in the dark, right?

OK, the G-Spot is a sensitive area on the front wall of a vagina. Some people claim that the key to a vaginal orgasm is this spot it was named after a German gyno called named Helmut Spot (kidding: it was Ernst Gräfenberg). Not the G-Shot is a quasi-medical procedure used to increase the surface area of the Gräfenberg Spot and thus the number of nerves on the surface (we went over this in a Dish in May 2007). Now the G-Shot party is a fiesta in which a bunch of women get together at doctor’s office and have the doc plump up everyone’s pleasure area.

In theory, everyone doing this procedure is a plastic surgeon, urologist, or gynochiatrist (we’re comfortable with that spelling) and so they should be qualified to give an injection (thought some ne’er-do-wells will probably try to hang out a shingle and get in on the action). But the process has not been approved by the FDA and “The two-page document lists 68 risks associated with the procedure, ranging from ‘No effect at all’ to ‘Scar formation’ and ‘Sexual dysfunction.’” So there’s that. And we keep hearing the word ‘filler’ used in reference to the shot without any clue what the ‘filler’ is. Is it Botox? If so, gross. Shooting Botulism into your forehead is one thing, into your hoo-haa is something else. Plus it’s relatively pricey and we’re guessing not covered by any insurance plan (it’s about $1,850).

On the other hand, the theory is sound (the little man in the boat gets engorged during arousal, so why not). And the procedure’s inventor (David Matlock, who has never lost a case) reports that 87% of his patients have reported an increase in sexual pleasure. Solid. Is it just us or is 70% of science dedicated to increasing sexual pleasure? And if the sex party has replaced the vibrator, where does the G-Shot party fit into the equation?

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