Cupid's Countdown: 11th-hour Valentine's Plans

Cupid's Countdown: 11th-hour Valentine's Plans


 No reservations? No worries. A dinner by candlelight may be the standard plan for Valentine’s evening, but we at Tango have higher standards—and so should you.

Skip the appetizers and go straight for the main course: a racing pulse, contagious laughter, and romance on a platter, by trying one of our innovative ways to celebrate the sweetest day of the year.
Stumped? Try one of our ideas:

Travel abroad night: choose a city or country that she’s always talked about wanting to see, then buy food (prepare or order in), wine, and music that represents that area. Rent a movie set in that place and settle in to watch with dessert.”

Relax and unwind together. My boyfriend and I stumbled upon this amazing Korean spa that’s open 24 hours: We plan to go for a really late-night visit—recline in the sauna, hop in the steam room, take a dip in the sake-infused wading pool, then get massages side-by-side.”

I’d take him to the late night set at a hole-in-the-wall Jazz lounge where there aren’t too many people—words can’t express how much he means to me, but the perfect riff might just come close.”

Check out some more of the Tango staffers’ ideas for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day, or click here to tell us yours. If you send one of the 10 best comments we receive, you’ll win a free copy of Harville Hendrix’s bestselling book, Getting The Love You Want, 20th-Anniversary Edition: A Guide For Couples.