Don't Steal My (Dating) Identity!

Don't Steal My (Dating) Identity!

Could your online profile get someone else laid?

Forget your credit cards. What the latest rash of identity thieves is after is your clever turn-of-phrase. According to a recent feature in the Wall Street Journal, cut-and-paste personalities—in which the dull and ordinary crib anything from crafty headlines to entire profiles from the unsuspecting and witty—is the new black market.

But cheaters never prosper, and their odds of getting laid aren't looking too good either. Consider the brainiac who borrowed the phrase, "I write award-winning operas" for his own dating profile. Only, halfway through their first cocktail, his date realized he wouldn't know Pavarotti from a Pinot, and he was forced to 'fess up.

Sigh. But for all those in need of a cyber-leg up, we, seasoned cyber-daters, bring you a cut-and-paste profile that—if our online meanderings prove correct—seems to be catnip for 99% of the population.

Tango's Cut-and-Paste Online Dating Profile

Headline: Insert Clever Headline Here! LOL: )>

About Me: I like eating out at restaurants and staying home. I look equally as good in sweatpants and a little black dress. I like going out to parties and cuddling on my couch watching movies. My hobbies are travel, reading, and spending time with my friends. I am a caring person that is close to her family. I am looking for a nice guy who likes going out to restaurants and also staying home, and bonus points if you look equally good in jeans and a t-shirt and a tux. ; )