Home Business Owners Struggle To Find Balance

Home Business Owners Struggle To Find Balance

A UK survey shows that it's hard to strike a balance even at home.

In a survey of work-at-homers in the UK, it was revealed that they have a hard time striking a balance between domestic time and office time. The survey shows that 56% of home businesses start because of a desire to find a balance while 45% report that they are unable to do so (which about adds to 100%, so we’re probably okay here, we’re probably alright).

We’re guessing that if 56% started home ventures with a mind to create work-life balance that the other 44% probably saw a late-night informercial by Carlton Sheets and got hooked.

We’re guessing that the work-life balance with a home business falls off in both directions. It’s like, “I cannot possibly get this report done unless those stairs are vacuumed.” And “This whole place could use a dusting.” “And I might as well get dinner started so I can concentrate the rest of the afternoon on work.” On the other hand, when your den doubles as your office it’s probably hard to feel totally comfortable chatting with your kids about homework with a spreadsheet calling to you 8 feet away. And it’s got to be a total pain in the keister itemizing your taxes, “Uh, I was talking to Jimmy and Johnny about Mitchell account during dinner, so I can expense it, right.” Oh well. We suppose that it probably beats driving to an office everyday. Though having a real spouse as your work spouse has to be a buzz kill.

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