Chinese Girl For Hire Deal Goes Sour

Chinese Girl For Hire Deal Goes Sour

Which anyone familiar with the work of Dermot Mulroney could have predicted.

A young Chinese fellow was single going into Chinese New Year in Zhengzhou (it’s a city). He knew that his bachelorhood was going to bring great shame to his family (though his bachelorhood was probably preordained by the one-child policy and Chinese preference for boys). So he did what any what Patrick Dempsey had done before him (Can’t Buy Me Love), he made a deal. This guy purchased the company of a coworker from the cotton factory where he works. For 100 Yuan a day (almost $14).

She just had to stay cool and not let his family in on the scheme. Unfortunately, she did such a good job that the family provided her with about $650 of red envelope gifts (basically a “good luck in the new year” gift).

She felt that she earned the bonus. He felt that the money should go back. An argument ensued back at the office that had to be mediated by the plant’s security resulting in a split of the spoils. Had these guys not seen My Best Friend's Wedding? Julia Roberts, Rupert Everett, and Dermot Mulroney proved that this sort of thing doesn’t work. Then to drive the point home, Mulroney proved it again (replacing Roberts with Debra Messing) in The Wedding Date. America’s global dominance is pretty secure if other countries keep making mistakes that we’ve already solved on film. Maybe some filmmaker will make a movie out of this cautionary tale. Unfortunately, it will probably only get a green light if it turns into a kung fu adventure with Jet Li and Ziyi Zhang in the lead roles.
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