Pink And Carey Hart Are Over

Pink And Carey Hart Are Over

'Inside sources' say that these two are splittsville.

We mentioned the possibility a while back that Pink and Carey Hart’s marriage wasn’t all girl power and wheelie popping. And it looks like it is all over now. We’re not sure if you ever heard the story of their engagement but it appears that Pink held up a sign to Casey while he was pitting during a race. The sign was a proposal; he forfeited the race and accepted. So you could say that she offered her honor and he honored her offer (we assume that you know the rest).

Outside of her power, anti-pop pop music and his appearance on the Surreal Life, we don’t know much about these two. Although, they were Punk’d by Ashton Kutcher that one time. We wonder if there is a correlation between getting Punk’d and having your relationship collapse. There is somewhat of a correlation because everyone that gets Punk’d is a celebrity and celebrity relationships are notoriously flighty. Dax Sheppard Punk’d his way into a career (and Kate Hudson’s trousers). We wonder if any of Carey's fans think like Tony Romo fans and are just glad to be rid of any distractions from motocross.

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