Cupid-Haters Unite


Cupid: Messenger of love or money-grubbing con artist?

Are we getting more and more cynical about love every year that passes, or is it just about Valentine's Day? As other countries begin to latch on to V-Day traditions that Americans (or American greeting card companies?) created, we seem to be rationalizing it as just a silly excuse for a holiday.

Just before the big day, Tango polled you guys on what Valentine's Day means to you and we were shocked (okay, fine, more like amused) to find that almost half of you said that it's a "sales ploy by Hallmark". It didn't get much better. The next majority, which was about 21% said that it's just another day on the calendar.

Where are our hopeless romantics? A mere 9% responded with enthusiasm - saying that they enjoy it and that it's a great excuse to show their romantic side. Interesting that most of our readers, though fans of real love, would probably tell Cupid where to shove his arrow upon meeting him.

My happy conclusion? We crave romance all year long, and won't settle for a once-a-year taste.