Dating Services Help Wall Streeters Find Love

Dating Services Help Wall Streeters Find Love

People with more money than time need some help.

The (that’s Wall Street Journal, investors) has an online section called ‘The Juggle.’ ‘The Juggle’ refers to juggling a work-life balance. At any rate, today’s Juggle is about meeting someone.

The Wall Street set’s biggest complaint is lack of time. When you work 90 hours per week, it’s a little tough to meet someone. And when you do have a chance to go out, you’re probably only going to meet other coworkers. For some personalities that is a recipe for disaster. Either competing alpha egos are going to butt heads or finding time for each other is going to be a bear market or a workplace romance could be awkward. And after being on a computer for 15 straight hours, who really wants to fire up during your downtime?

So, what’s a young person earning more than her parents ever did to do? Seek an expert. Some dating services like the Country Register go for about $20,000 for 18 months of service. They will match you to the ideal person based on your ‘type’ and your personality. Sounds like a good plan. Though the time issue never really gets solved this a nice solution for the person who prefers to throw money at a problem. We prefer to throw gasoline on problems.

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