Sly Stallone: Threaten To Eat Her Pets

Sly Stallone: Threaten To Eat Her Pets

The action star is kidding, but seems to be making a point, of sorts.

In an interview about something or other, Sylvester Stallone told an interview of how to get a woman to go out with a guy; "Basically just tell her if you don't go out with me I'm going to find the thing you love the most and eat it, whether it be your dog or your bird!" The fictional rapper Ridikolus once threatened to eat Tracy Jordan's family.

Though he was kidding, we’re pretty sure that some number of Rocky/Rambo/Demolition Man/Judge Dread fans out there that might read this as good advice. “No, bro, you can’t give up. Sly said that you gotta be prepared to let her know how hurt you were by her actions. And the only way to do so is to eat her pets. You gotta do what you gotta do. What are ya waitin’ fer?”

And here we’ve been buying flowers and jewelry the whole time like a bunch of suckers. Now that Stallone has reinvigorated his action career, it’s about time that he gets back into the action-comedy genre. Is Estelle Getty still alive? He could bring back his character Ray Tango from Tango & Cash. There has got to be a way for us to get involved in this. Maybe he’ll get bored of being a cop and get a Dr. Phil-style tough love talk show. Kurt Russell could play his Ed McMahon (hi-oooo), he’s not that busy.

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