Man Up!


Not in the mood for anything in your closet? Try his.

Today, females hold the most sexual, intellectual and professional power than ever before. They can do just about anything a man can do - and sometimes with a little more grace. When it comes to fashion, the sexiest and most daring women in my eyes, are the ones who look past the skin-tight expectations and cross the gender line. Yes, I'm talking about women dressing in men's clothes. Have you ever seen Beyonce's Upgrade U video? Or Sri Lankan musician M.I.A. in the new Marc Jacobs ads? I've never seen anyone - male or female - carry a starched white button down or a fedora with that amount of swagger.

My point? Femininity lies solely in your soul, and what's on the outside is just icing. So next time you're looking to drip sex appeal, grab something out of his closet that's fit for a king - and then rock it like a queen.

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