Study: Married Couples Gain The Most Weight

Study: Married Couples Gain The Most Weight

They gain more than cohabiting and single people.

A study conducted by school of public health at the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) showed that young married couples pack on a lot of weight. Researchers followed 8,000 people in their teens and 20’s for 5 years and discovered some interesting results.

Women in this group that were dating but not cohabitating gained 15 lbs over this period and men gained 24 lbs. Women cohabitating gained 18 lbs and men still gained 24. And married women and men gained 24 and 30 lbs, respectively.

Oh, god. Young, single people need to stay in good shape then they can let themselves go. Everyone knows that. And people who are cohabitating know that there is a chance that too much weight gain will get their ass canned. So, this study totally makes sense. Now, what to do about it? Some creative (re superficial) types throw various items in prenups requiring one spouse or the other to stay in shape. You don’t need to go that far, but some kind of pact will do. It’s all about incentives. 1: If she stays in shape, I will provide her with sex no fewer than 3 times per week (or 6 sessions of oral). 2: If he stays below 180 lbs, he will receive a nice piece of jewelry for every major holiday. Something about that seems wrong. How about you just make it a point to exercise together?

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