People In Love Less Likely To Think About Other People

People In Love Less Likely To Think About Other People

Study shows people with love on the brain don't think about others much.

According to a survey conducted by eHarmony and UCLA, people in love rate the looks of other people lower. Wha? Essentially, the study suggests that love sort of puts blinders on people. That there is a biological imperative to do things out of the ordinary for people who are ‘in love.’ For instance, General Maximus sought revenge against an entire empire because the emperor ordered his family killed (we watched Gladiator over the weekend).

The researchers polled 120 hetero undergrads on photos garnered from (the researchers only got people rated as ‘hot’). Each person rated one ‘hottie’ as the hottest. They then wrote essays based on their relationship status and checked a box every time that they thought about their ‘hottie.’ The people that wrote about love were the least likely to think about the ‘hottie.’ When asked to later recall details about their ‘hottie,’ the ‘in-love’ group was least able to recall aspects about that person. This sort of seems like the ideal of love, right?

Is there some sort of guilt factor at work with the in-love group? Were they telling the truth? Were they conditioned? “No, baby I don’t think that the girl at the restaurant was hotter than you. I don’t even remember what she looks like. I don’t even find big breasts attractive. I mean, yours are fine. I mean great. Great googly moogly.”

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